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Whether you have a tiny poodle or a large Great Dane, 3 Dogs Wash & Services has the space and supplies you'll need to give your dog a good bath.


Taking your busy schedule into account, our self-service dog wash is open, giving you the leeway to wash your dog whenever you have the time.


The cost of this service is $5 for the first 10 minutes. You can add more time by just inserting more money just like the car wash.

Paw wash instructions to make your pet's coat sparkle

  • Shampoo: Apply a generous amount of conditioner on your pet's coat and rinse. Avoid the eyes.

  • Flea and tick shampoo: Apply to your pet's coat; avoid the eyes, ears and mouth. Allow it to soak. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Conditioner: To give your pet a smooth coat, apply the conditioner after shampooing and rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eyes, ears, and mouth.

  • Deodorizer: Apply it on your pet's coat while avoiding the eyes, nose, and mouth to leave your pet with a pleasant odor.

  • Dry: Hold the dryer's nozzle 6 to 10 inches away and use until your pet is dry.

  • Vacuum: Use this to remove the excess water. Use until your pet is dry.

  • Disinfectant: Before washing your pet, use the disinfectant on the tub and rinse thoroughly. Do not use this on your pet.

21615 County Road 3, Merrifield

304 W Main St., Crosby

Give your pooch a thorough wash and scrub

Let us provide you with everything you need to make your pet look great and smell lovely.

Visit our self-service dog wash today to pamper your pet with a relaxing bath.

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